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I am founder and creator of Selamlovewellness, a certified Yoga teacher professional and also mother to a 10-year-old bright, athletic boy in Grade 5 French Immersion.

I specialize in an elementary & high School Yoga program that is specific to Kids, Adolescent & Young Adults to help guide and cultivate a physical, mental and emotional life full of strength, courage, compassion, kindness, intelligence, focus and Integrity.


In today’s society our children are dealing with high stress levels, anxiety, ADHD,depression and showing physical manifestations of headaches, low self-esteem, nervousness, obesity, poor sleeping habits and difficulty focusing.

With the high demands of our lives as parents, teachers and facilitators, it is often challenging to “get our kids to a program” in the city. Through YYP, wellness, Mindfulness and Yoga techniques are established with our children in their schools. Health is not a luxury, it’s a Birthright. And our children deserve it.

YYP is available to elementary and high Schools. The class will be an Active-Restorative-Beginner Level experience that will provide the kids challenge in certain postures, relaxation and breath work in other postures, as well as a single-pointed focus. The workshop can be held during the school hours or after school with parent participants.

The Yoga Youth Program (YYP) is specifically geared towards Youth grades JK to 12, guiding them through a series of postures, breath focus, and mantras (phrases) that help each bring clarity, strength and ease to all aspects of their life in a fun and focused way. I have provided Yoga Workshops in elementary schools in the region, as well as local high schools that were very successful and continued on into a Yoga Nutrition Break program that the kids were truly excited about each week.


Why do I teach Yoga?  I really feel that incorporating Yoga will not only assist the kids physically but also mentally and emotionally. Countless studies are showing how Yoga with focus on the breath, body and mind has developed a confidence, compassion and a positive way of looking at themselves and those around them, which directly assists in the stop-bullying initiatives, personal development as individuals, and inspires kids ‘who genuinely care’.  I can’t deny the benefits of Yoga for our kids are endless. Here are a few.


  • Gives tools for Stress Management
  • Increases Focus & Concentration
  • Maintains Flexibility
  • Strengthens Growing bodies
  • Encourages kind Peer & Social Interactions
  • Develops Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Enhances Emotional Intelligence
  • Cultivates a Peaceful relaxed state
  • Sparks Creativity and Imagination
  • Teaches Responsibility
  • Inspires Present Moment Awareness
  • Establishes individual discipline


Get Started with YYP

Yogakids2I would love the opportunity to talk to you further about bringing a creative, unique and fun way to promote mental and physical health for your students in person! I also offer PD DAY Workshops & After School Workshops for Teachers and Facilitators at your school, as this is also essential in encouraging a ‘stress-free’ environment in the work place. Happy Teachers=Happy Students.

Contact me directly for Teacher/Facilitator Yoga & Wellness Workshops

It has always been my passion to help create solutions by making a a difference through health and wellness in our community and globally. And if this is something you are interested in, I would be more than happy to provide group prices, details and answer any questions you have!  We can arrange a meeting and go over the options for Workshops and/or After School Workshops + Parent Participation.

Mats will be be provided, so the kids just have to come prepared for Phys Ed like setting ‘barefoot’. Socks can be worn if necessary.)

Furthermore, I love kids and have always been inspired to create initiatives and programs to assist in their learning and development as individuals and as healthy contributors to society, so getting this opportunity to work with your kids in schools is really an honour and privilege and is super exciting!

Get started now, contact me.

Empower Your Students

Live to Love ~ Educate, Empower, Unite

Thank you for supporting our kids in their continued health, success & growth!





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