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Yoga Youth Program (YYP)

Yoga Youth Program (YYP) is a program that teaches youth Yoga & Mindfulness techniques. The program is a lead session which guides the practitioners through a series of postures, breath focus, and mantras (phrases) that help each student bring clarity, strength and ease to all aspects of their life in a fun and focused way. YYP directly impacts the Stop-Bullying initiatives, personal development as individuals, and inspires youth ‘who genuinely care’. Reserve your child’s spot today.

Classes: Fall Schedule TBA

Location: Community of Hearts Yoga studio, 826 King St, N Suite #21, Waterloo, ON, N2J 4G8

Drop In Session

$20/session + HST

4 Week Program

$60/program + HST

Private Session

$49/60min session + HST



3-IN-1 Combo

Begin with 60 mins of Ashtanga-Flow Inspired Yoga cultivating strength and ease, moving and settling into a deep Meditation of calm-single-pointed focus, and closing by relaxing into Svasana (corpse pose) while receiving a Reiki treatment in stillness and soft music.

Group Session

$120 + tax for 60 min session (up to 5 people)
*every additional person in the group is $24 each
please contact me to add more people*

Private Session

$80 + tax for 60 min session


*Note: Session may include smudging (natural incense), aromatherapy oils and hands on touch during Reiki treatment



Ashtanga Inspired-Flow
Invigorating movements synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures producing intense internal heat, physical strength and pure calm & ease.
Vinyasa-CorePower Yoga
Integrating traditional Yoga postures through Surya Namaskar A & B (Sun Salutations) and unconventional core movements to energizing music that will get you sweating, burning, breathing and wanting more!
Restorative Selam Yoga
(‘Selam’ meaning Peace in Ethiopian/Eritrean-Arabic dialects/countries)- start to unwind from your busy day and tap into your inner-peace while being surrounded by sounds of chant, soft tunes or ‘Selam’ singing while you relax in Svasana.

Weekly Session Pricing

$20 + tax each for 60 min classes

Private Group Session Pricing

$100 + tax for 60 mins (up to 5 people)

$125 for 90 mins (up to 5 people)

Private One-on-One Session Pricing

$80 + tax for 60 min session

$320 for 4 Weeks (Savings of $40)



Please note: When you purchase any of the above, I will contact you to confirm timing and which yoga style.

Contact me directly for Corporate Workshops.

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