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Magical Thinking, Yoga & Internal Inquiry

Magical thinking, Yoga & Internal Inquiry


It ain’t all butterflies & roses. This read challenges the state of the “holistic, spiritual, yoga, mindfulness” culture that we are in today. And yes it challenges Yoga itself in all it’s glory and hypocrisy. Karin Burke really delves deeper into the questions of empathy, self-inquiry, indifference, magical thinking & the politics that can unknowingly be unsurfaced.

I think it’s important to always stay open, receptive and critical of our “beliefs” and or lack of. Controversial read, but oddly enough it inspires me to want to make a difference within myself and within the world. Below is the comment I left on the article.

(Note: Teachers in the Yoga community: Using the term “white-knuckle grip” isn’t inclusive and evokes a narrative of the skin colour/race of the student. Not helpful. Just saying.)

This is all about learning, understanding our role in Yoga-Eastern Spirituality and being aware of how we offer it to our students and the community. Read the article through this link below.

My comment left on this article: “Thank you for this Karin. Everything you said spoke to my heart. I am African-Canadian and grew up with first generation Ethiopian parents. I too am a Yoga teacher and have a Yoga Youth Program that is geared towards helping kids not simply just “stretch” and “de-stress” but become socially conscious contributors to the world. I too, feel frustrated by the complete disregard of the people suffering around us and throughout the world, the white-privilege that seems to have raped the very culture that Yoga sits within, the term “white-knuckle grip” used in classes I attend (for the record, my knuckles don’t turn white/beige or lighter at all), and of course the idea that you can “wish, think, believe” your way out of shit. I too believe that Yoga at it’s best is about inquiry, self-reflection and becoming aware of your own crap, while still throughout showing others grace, love and support. Fact being, doing “nothing” is still doing something and probably the worst act to partake in. Thank you for such a thought provoking read and for speaking from a voice that sounds like the real “change-makers & doers.” The MLK’s, the Gandhi’s and incredible activists of our past. Thank you from my heart to yours.”

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