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July 2017 archive

Toronto Wellness Interview (2016)


This interview was a great opportunity to explore the ideas of Yoga, inspiration, entrepreneurship, growth & impacting the next generation through mindfulness & wellness tools. Taylor Jane Green had a huge impact on my healing and spiritual growth through our Psycho therapy sessions, endless conversations, intuitive messages she offers and all the information she shares with the world.

Selam Debs – Wellness Journeys with Taylor Jane Green

Multi-talented Selam Debs, Artist and Yoga Teacher, speaks about her personal journey to wellness and what she now teaches others as a Yogic Practitioner and owner of Community of Hearts Yoga in Waterloo, Ontario.  She gives us a beautiful understanding of the core purpose of yoga, as well as an understanding of the importance of teaching CHILDREN yoga. Indeed, she has been greatly inspired in her journey by her son.

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