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December 2015 archive

Winter Yoga Wind-Down-Who are you this Season?


Me Singing Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas~ Christmas tunes for the month of December
Added on 11/12/2014

We cannot get to our dream. We must come from it. And in order to come from it. We must become it~  Mary Manin Morrissey

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                    Below are some lil’ Christmas video-Treats from me to YOU!

WINTER YOGA WIND-DOWN~ Who are you this Season?

Can you believe that the Holidays are just around the corner already?! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Eid or Ski season, there is no doubt that there is a certain energy that is in the air around this time. Some may say and I would agree, that part of that energy is the explosive experience of consumerism but there’s another part that feels uplifting in spirit.

Maybe it’s the snow (which we haven’t had much of) or the lights, the music, the movies, the snuggling up to the fire place or the laughs around your family begging you not to watch Elf for the hundredth time! But no, still there is something more…a twinkle in the eye, a desire to want to give, love, hug and kiss under the mistletoe. A desire to want to connect, cuddle, spread cheer and cry to the golden tune of “So this is Christmas, and what have you done?”  

I remember about 5 years ago, we decided that instead of giving gifts to each other, we would pool in money and buy specific toys for kids in hospitals, women’s shelters and non-profits who directly helped kids. I have to say that Christmas was the most memorable, fulfilling and peaceful. The hustle, bustle and pressure of ‘having’ to buy everyone and their mother “the perfect” gift, the running through the mall to buy that one more thing because you weren’t sure if cousin Rita was getting you a gift this year, the being part of the parking lot madness and anxiety felt while searching through the aisles of Winners…..was Not there. We skipped all that because the energy in which we bought those gifts were one of genuine, pure Giving. 

Before you amazing Christmas lovers unsubscribe to me…hear me out. I am not saying that the season of Christmas is all bad or that buying gifts for the ones you love is not a great idea. But I would ask you to reflect and bring awareness to the energy behind “the Doing.” Are you at ease when buying these gifts or relentlessly stressed every year? Do you feel a christmas hang over in January when it’s all said and done? Because Visa and Master card have a way of being that gift that keeps on giving in the months to come. Does a certain anxiety or stress come over you around this time of year? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it may be time to simply become more aware. 

Begin to ask yourself, what is the energy behind this Season for me. Why am I giving? Does it bother me, maybe subconsciously, that I am buying gifts for those who already have so MUCH?! There is not a right or wrong answer here, simply become more receptive, curious and present to the possible conditioned-programmed behaviour and emotions you feel around this time of year. 

That being said, my Christmas will look something like this…baking with my sister and little guy, making snow angels, attempting to skate, watching christmas movies (especially ELF) in PJ’s, eating apple pie and vanilla ice cream, singing every song on Mariah Carey’s Christmas album, cooking up a feast and VINO….yes please!

 More importantly. it will be a time to reflect on just how grateful I am to be surrounded by love and an incredible amount resources, especially in light of the world’s issues and atrocities today. As the December days pass, the snow begins to fall (hopefully), the festivities begin to sing and the whirl wind of the season begins to set in…..may your Winter Wind Down with these reflections each day. Maybe ask yourself these questions today and for the remaining of December. You never know who may need You this Christmas. 

What Would you have me do today?

Where would you have me go today?

What Would you have me say?

And to whom?

These reflective questions to yourself could be the possibility of shifting the energy of the Christmas or Holiday season for you, your family and those whom you don’t know. The Season like Yoga, is an opportunity and a tool to find sacredness. In Yoga we offer each posture not as a means to an end, but a way to see and be with yourself fully. It is not about how far we reach into the posture, how much we gained, or how efficiently we reach the posture, instead it ALL comes down to this question….“Who are you while you are IN the posture.” So, who are You while you are IN the parking lot, store hopping, wrapping gifts, getting errands down, hosting gatherings, rushing the kids out the door for christmas service or tapping your credit card. Who are you IN this years Season? Above all, maybe we could all simply practice who we really are… LOVE. 

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 MERRY CHRISTMAS, HANUKKAH, EID, SKING, Basketball & Hockey to you and Yours!


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