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December 2014 archive

Welcome to SelamLoveWellness

I would like to first start this month out by sharing with you my Yoga Manifesto. I believe that we should all take the time to reflect on our own Manifesto to help us bring deliberate intention in our careers, relationships and Life!

~Yoga Teaching Manifesto~

As a yoga teacher I will be courageous. I will approach each class, each student, each lesson and asana with innocence, knowledge, depth, encouragement, love and strength. I will be present in every moment and experience my teaching as an observer.

I will uplift with my words, my asana sequence, with music, meditation, chanting, energy and challenge.

I will rise to the occasion and inspire through my insight of life, trials, triumphs, failures….and Be the change that I hope to see and effect. I will see each person through the lens of Namaste and know deep down that each person will be ‘okay’, that they will one day connect to their Highest self. This I know for sure.

I will evolve, grow, master and unveil my highest and truest self, bringing about a style of teaching, brand, philosophy, and a way of being that connects, heals, loves and brings about conscious awareness.

I will get out of my own way, in order to be a vessel, a servant to my dharma, destiny and each unfolding moment; the Universe will conspire to bring into fruition all that uplifts and inspires.

Selam Debs

Founder of SelamLoveWellness

~Yoga Professional~
Meditation-Reiki Specialist
Singer/Songwriter/Actress/Inspirational Speaker

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