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I am the Owner & Director of Community of Hearts Yoga studio and the Creator and Founder of SelamLoveWellness with Yoga Alliance Certificationproviding Ashtanga-Inspired Yoga through the art of Vinyasa. Along with Yoga, I provide sessions in Meditation, Reiki and holistic methods to attain wellness. I received my training from Pranalife Yoga.

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‘Selam’ in Arabic & languages spoken in Ethiopia/Eritrea means PEACE. Peace, Love and Wellness are the foundation for providing my clients with the physical, emotional and spiritual healing, growth and transformation they and WE all desire.

As a Yoga Professional, I am well versed on yoga through the eyes of anatomy, biomechanics, biology, philosophy, alignment and entrepreneurship.

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My Style of Yoga is Ashtanga-Inspired, Yin-Yan, Vinyasa-Flow, Power and Restorative.

Yoga Youth Program

I specialize in Yoga for Kids! The Yoga Youth Program (YYP) will help guide your child in cultivating a physical, mental and emotional life full of strength, courage, compassion, kindness, intelligence, focus and Integrity.

I really feel that incorporating Yoga and Mindfulness in our schools, after school programs and one-on-one sessions will not only assist our kids physically but also mentally and emotionally. Countless studies are showing how Yoga with focus on the breath, body and mind has developed a confidence, compassion and a positive way of looking at themselves and those around them, which directly assists in the Stop-Bullying initiatives, personal development as individuals, and inspires kids ‘who genuinely care’.


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Yoga Classes

Offering focused based classes on Ashtanga-Inspired Flow, Powered Vinyasa, Beginner Yogis, and Restorative Yoga & Meditation. As each class comes to an end in Savasana, I will sing a song to help you fully relax.
This signature ending of Singing in each class will be filled with contemporary, Jazz, R&B, classical and Sanskrit-Mantra styled chants.

Yoga helps us prepare for Meditation, as my Meditation classes help you prepare for Life. These one-on-one and group sessions inspire a more mindful, conscious and less reactive way of being. I will walk you through Meditation as a beginner or advanced practitioner and provide new-creative tools to help you ultimately attain and maintain your Birthright as a more peaceful, meaningful person full of abundance and joy.

I offer personal Reiki Healing Treatments by coming to YOU! I provide the treatment table, music, oils, sheets and blankets.

These incredible gifts of Singing as an artist, the art of Yoga, the connectedness of Meditation and Reiki healing has inspired me to create a Space in which everyone regardless of age, gender, race, culture, religion, philosophy or partner-preference…. can be a part of.

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